Cherry Healey
Have Your Cake and Eat It: watermelon

I have just rediscovered the wonder of watermelon.

Last week I bought a quarter for £3, cut it up, put the segments into freezer bags, shoved them into the fridge and Hey Presto, a whole week of a really low fat sweet treat. It has saved me from many a love-in with Ben and Jerry.

Magic Buy: dungaree shorts

If you’re looking for something utterly versatile, this is your answer. They are my new budget best friend. And for £15 from H&M, they are excellent value per wear.  Or so I tell myself. 

These are just some of the many looks I have been sporting over the past week, courtesy of my new found denim friends.

This week my dungaree shorts went with me to…

  • my bathroom with cleaning spray and cloth (Cleaning Cool)
  • work - with a black blazer, brogues and satchel (Geek Chic)
  • the park - with white bikini top and flipflops (California Casual)
  • lunch with friends with heeled sandals and silk shirt (70’s Glam)

Proof of Purchase Below:

The Horror of Beauty: buttock waxing

I know it happens.

I know I should probably do it.

But so far I’ve made it 29 years pretending that it doesn’t exist.

I am talking about BUTTOCK WAXING.

There it was, sitting nonchalantly amongst the other treatments as comfortably as a blow dry.

Which leads me to believe that it’s pretty popular. BUTT WHO DOES IT? Is it a guy thing? Is this the one treatment that girls can’t talk about? 

This week I am going to find who this mystery cheek-waxing-customer is. Will fill you in on my findings. 

My ketchup is smiling at me…

Eurovision trashing session

End of a very long day filming an Indian wedding. Cried. I have become one of those annoying people on tv who cries all the time. BUT it was really emotional. Pretty much everyone in the room was in tears. Kleenex stock probably went up today. 

Am now planted happily on the sofa with a fish finger sani and a  bottle of wine (obviously am first putting it into a glass…but only just…).

The girl representing Portugal is really belting it. I think i just saw her uterus through her throat - wow she struggles with those big notes. I am fearful for the next crescendo. There are things I just don’t need to see.

Oh my gosh Denmark are going crazy with the wind machine (powered by one of their wind farms?). And he has clearly stolen those trousers from Victoria Beckham. 

Note to Spain: clowns are scary. everyone hates clowns. everyone. error. 

My friend just texted me asking ‘seriously, what is Eurovision about and does anyone take it seriously?’. I actually honestly think they do. That is both beautiful and sad. 

Best disguise for puffy eyes…geek glasses!

Yes they may be pretentious and Yes they may dance a jig upon the border of twat and trendy, but today I love them. 

I’m not being funny but…I’m not a bitch but…seriously, I’m not lying but…

I’ve noticed recently that, increasingly, people start their sentences with a negative. The worst thing is that I’ve caught myself doing it.

I think it’s interesting to note when people/I use it. If I start a sentence with 'I'm not a bitch but…', I’m probably about to be a bitch.  You can learn alot about yourself if you note when you use it. When I do it, it’s because I’m about to say something I shouldn’t, and I want to add in a little disclaimer that distances the comment from who I am.

It’s basically like saying ‘I want you to discount what I’m about to say and not judge me as a bitch/liar/gossip/weird, even though I’m about to demonstrate that I am actually that.’ We’re giving ourselves a time out card from being good people, like we can press pause and it won’t count.

But the problem is that it does count. Because it quickly becomes a habit. And suddenly you are someone who makes bitchy/mean/gossipy/false statements all the time.

So, I’m not being funny, but I’m going to try and stop it. 

I just freaking love it when restaurants put some effort into their healthy options

Think it had pickled red onion (sounds horrible I know), roasted sweet potato, pine nuts, chicken and olive oil.  So simple but was amazing. 

Still had really bad chip envy…only 4 weeks until I can PIG OUT LIKE A BAD BOY!!!!

4 weeks to go before the wedding…and I seem to spend alot of time looking at this: my stomach better be like a washboard.

Thank you Rosie for a lush dinner! X

Thank you Rosie for a lush dinner! X